4 Hobbies to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Gardening utensils and soil
Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

It's easy to reach a point where you feel like you're plodding along, perhaps in a rut. If you think it's time to recharge your life and find purpose and achievement in the small stuff, try learning a new hobby or skill.

At Garden Directory, we're all about finding the right wellness tools to reconnect with ourselves (and friends). Here are four hobbies you can start today!

1. Gardening: The Stress Buster

The Spokesman reports that twenty million people took up gardening as a hobby in 2020. The BBC also writes that gardening is an activity that could help you live up to 100. But why is there so much hype about gardening - and is it worth it? The short answer: absolutely.

For starters, gardening is an enriching hobby. If you want to feel a sense of achievement, there is nothing quite like growing a plant to its full potential. Getting out in nature, getting muddy, and getting one with the earth is also the most natural stress reliever there is - in fact, scientists say it reduces cortisol levels. Those who garden reduce their risk of dementia and Alzheimers by over 30%, and the environmental benefits are unparalleled as well.

2. Yoga: The Peace Inducer

If you need a little more zen in your life, yoga is the way to go. The meditative activity offers an unparalleled grounding that can guide you through the difficulties of life. Yoga is an instant mood booster and a fantastic way to gain more energy and better sleep. It also helps with arthritis, back pain, heart health, posture, and flexibility. But we love yoga so much because it works as much for the mind as for the body - yoga can support healing by centering us and reducing symptoms of distress.

3. Reading: The Brain Builder

Staying mentally stimulated and fit is critical for us, irrespective of age. Studies have shown that reading is the ultimate activity to keep the brain active and engaged. This improves mental health and is effective in warding off Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory problems down the line. Curling up with a good book is also the ultimate way to learn more about the world, expose yourself to different viewpoints and build upon your knowledge. If you feel yourself getting stagnant and stuck, reading is the ticket to expand your horizons. You'll benefit from more vital analytical and critical thinking skills, improved focus and concentration, and better writing skills. Not to mention, reading is free entertainment and one of the most tranquil activities out there!

4. Learning a Language: The Culture Creator

Learning a language isn't as intimidating as you might think, and the skill comes with a wide range of benefits. Learning new words and phrases stimulates the brain in novel ways, strengthening brain functions like memory, problem-solving, multitasking, and observation. There are also many languages to choose from, depending on your interest, functionality, travel dreams, or difficulty level.

The best thing about learning a language is that you can use it for social connection and meeting new people. You could also monetize your new skills to gain extra income through part-time work. This holds for any skill that you pick up for personal development. For example, suppose you're a retiree who's intimidated at the thought of re-entering the workforce. In that case, you could become an ESL teacher, substitute teacher, event worker, or gardener, depending on which hobby you decide to partake in.

Hobbies are more than just an activity you do when you're bored. Nope, learning a hobby is a surefire way to build confidence and self-esteem while empowering yourself with a profound sense of achievement. Moreover, skills give you an outlet to fall back on when you're stressed or unhappy. So what're you waiting for - it's time to get learning!

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