Hydroponic Gardening

Grow World Hydroponics
Grow World Hydroponics shop can be found in Northfield, Birmingham we are a leading UK retailer of hydroponics equipment and supplies including grow lights, grow kits, grow room ventilation equipment, nutrients and additives from the leading brands in the indusrty including rhino carbon filters, vitalink, advanced nutrients, ionic, gavita and canna to name but a few.

Grown Up Hydroponics
At Grown Up Hydroponics we stock a large range of hydroponics and container gardening equipment and supplies. Whether your growing inside or out we have everything you'll need for a more successful harvest. Chilli Seeds, Grow your own kits, media, pots, lights, tents, fans, filters, nutrients, pumps and much more. With only the best brands in stock: Gorilla, Canna, MountainAir, Can, RVK, Phresh, LightHouse, Plagron, GHE, Buddhas Tree, SuperThrive, Dutch Pro, BlueLAb and many more. Pop in and see us if you're near Aylesbury, have a look on our website: www.GrownUpHydroponics.com or give us a call: 08000 842 843

HPS Grow Lights
Specializing in hydroponic grow supplies like 1000w, 600w, and 400w bulbs and ballasts, HPS bulbs, MH bulbs, reflectors, hoods and accessories for growing your plants.

Grow Wurks Hydroponic Supplies
Growwurks.com offers the lowest prices on grow lights, hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies.

Oasis Hydroponics
Oasis Hydroponics supply a wide range of indoor gardening products from our shop in Birmingham, UK.

Hydroponic Gardening
When you are growing your plants the hydroponics way, you'll need to feed them in the right way because there isn't too much room for making mistakes. Different nutrients having the right balance in their ingredients can be fed to the plants in their different stages to keep them healthy as ever.