Eco-Friendly Products
TeraGanix, Inc offers natural organic solutions to improve the environment for all life. Introduced in 1982, EM Technology® is widely used in over 100 countries to promote healthy soil for healthier plants and crops, clean water, odor control, waste management, and healthier people and animals. Life is getting better with the help of the original, authentic, beneficial, Effective MicroorganismsTM Technology - EM·1®.

Earth Friendly Weed Killer
Instead of using chemicals to rid your garden of noxious weeds, where possible just try using water. Yes, water. Learn more about this and other environmentally friendly weed killing tips.

Clean Air Gardening Supply
Environmentally friendly lawn and garden supplies - reel mowers, compost bins, rain barrels, organic pest control, and garden tools.

Planet Natural
Earth friendly products for home, lawn, and garden.

Bugzilla Environmentally Friendly Pesticide
For natural eco-friendly eradication of insect pests.

Andrew's Reclaimed Home and Garden
Reclaimed wood garden supplies and decor.

Electric is devoted to the science of electroculture, also known as electro-horticulture. With benefits including massive yield increases, increased growth rate, drought, disease and insect resistance - we aim to be the thought leaders in this resurrected form of agriculture.

Furniture Testing from Berkeley Anaytical
Berkeley Analytical specializes in testing furniture for low VOC emissions, helping companies achieve IEQ credit and comply with ANSI/BIFMA compliance standards.

Eco Garden Solutions USA
Eco Garden Solutions manufactures pets safe lawn and garden products. Our flagship Natural Weed Killer: Eco Garden PRO is designed as a safe alternative for glyphosate. Safe for your pets, kids, and the entire family!