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Garden blog offering tips and advice for first-time gardeners.

Go-To Gardenista
Hi! My name is Jojo and I am your go to gardenista. I write about everything there is to know about gardening.

We cover the what, why, where and how keys of a healthy thriving garden. Professional gardening guidance and reviews by trusted gardeners from GardeningAsset.

Figgi Riggi - The Art Of Fig Farming
Multiple tips and tricks to propagating fig trees in USDA Zone 7a.

Nature Leader
Ultimate guides to help the beginner or expert outdoorsman and gardener cultivate a great garden and home landscape.

Cats Away
Cats Away is dedicated to helping gardeners deter cats from stalking, spraying and digging in their flower beds and vegetable patches.

Hort Zone
I'm a gardener who loves to grow food and ornamental plants successfully and help others do the same. This means gardening solutions meant for you, the gardener.

The Garden Oracle
The Garden Oracle offers gardening articles (organic vegetable gardening, flower gardening, landscape gardening, garden design and care, tips, etc) garden products (Seeds, Plants, Tools, Supplies, Gear) and advice including step by step tutorials, plant care, planting ideas, product suggestions and a question and answer forum known as Ask The Oracle.

Art's Garden Ideas
Art's Garden ideas website is where we suggest ideas for your garden whatever size | garden design, fencing, landscaping, lighting, planting, grow your own veg and garden tools.

The Scaredy Cat
The Scaredy Cat provides essential cat repellent and cat deterrent advice for home owners and those who like to keep their garden free of cat mess.

Green Garden Forum
Friendly gardening forums covering container gardens, organic gardening, tips, tools and supplies, and guerrilla, landscape, urban and vegetable gardening.
Japanese knotweed removal and Japanese knotweed eradication from the UK's leading experts.

Garden Experiments
Gardening tips, experiments, plant profiles, product reviews, and stories from my backyard.

Weekend Gardener
Free gardening tips with gardening advice for all levels of gardeners.

The Helpful Gardener
Gardening Tips with the Helpful Gardener. Watch your garden grow with these great home gardening articles.

A Perfect Garden
Making the world beautiful, one garden at a time!

Beginner Indoor Gardening
A guide to indoor gardening aimed at beginners. It covers different themes of gardens and how to start and care for them, including watering, lighting and soil selection.

The Gardening Website
One-stop UK gardening directory for sourcing garden centres, professional gardeners and resources; as well as garden products, plants, tools, sculpture and machinery.

Gardening Tips 'N' Ideas
Gardening tips and ideas to help gardeners enjoy their gardens.

Free Gardening Advice magazine for the beginner and experienced gardener. Friendly advice on all aspects of gardening from gardening experts.

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