7 Unusual Ways To Use Artificial Grass Remnants

The artificial grass market has exploded in the last few years, everybody is now clicking on to the idea of low maintenance gardens. In this post, we are going to focus on other cool and nifty ways that artificial grass offcuts are catching the eye.

artificial grass rolls

1) To cover decking

Nowadays many people have wooden decking in their back garden, and while a decked area always starts off looking great and is ideal for entertaining and outdoor dining, there are issues. One of the most common problems with decking is mould or algae the green slimy coating that most decking acquires at some point, not only does it look unattractive, it is extremely dangerous as anyone who has walked on it will testify and no one wants decking that is like an ice rink especially if you have small children or elderly relatives. Without proper maintenance and regular cleaning and staining decking can look weathered pretty quickly, making it look shabby and unappealing, covering your decking with artificial grass will ensure it looks sensational for years as well as being a lot safer and more durable creating a lovely space the whole family can enjoy.

2) Indoor area to protect carpets

If you are throwing a party either for kids or adults there is a good chance something will be spilled and while a glass of lemonade is not much to worry about, a glass of red wine, ketchup or messy spaghetti bolognese can result in a hefty cleaning bill or even ruin a carpet. Artificial grass is a great way of protecting your carpets while creating a fun summertime feeling for any party. Easy to clean, soft and durable artificial grass is fast becoming the ideal flooring for all occasions.

3) Animals

animals made of artificial grass

Garden accessories have never been more popular and here at Easigrass we have come up with a superb range of animals all made from artificial grass, yes that's right! From elephants, and monkeys to rabbits and frogs these unique and fun statues are a fantastic addition to any garden and a make a real talking point at any summer get together

4) Dog and Kennel runs

Another great use for artificial grass remnants is for dog kennels and runs, most are concrete as real grass just isn't feasible in the unpredictable British Weather and becomes a sea of mud if your dog is running about during the winter months. Artificial grass looks great all year round, is easily cleaned and provides a safe, comfortable area for dogs to relax and play.

5) Doormats

Doormats are not usually an attractive addition to your home and can quickly look tired and worn, especially if you have kids running in and out or a lot of visitors! A doormat made from an artificial grass offcut is easily cleaned and will last for years, welcome news for homeowners and businesses.

6) Table Runners and Placemats

Throwing a dinner party or summer barbeque? Why not use your artificial grass offcuts as a table runner, placemats or coasters? Weather resistant, easy to clean and durable they will brighten up any dining table and can be used both indoors and out, great for children's parties, alfresco dining and even Christmas table decorations like wreaths, decorating your table with artificial grass is sure to impress your guests.

7) Balconies and Terraces

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, many of us live in big cities where outdoor space comes at a premium, high rise flats with balconies and terrace houses with small back yards are often crying out for a bit of greenery. There is a solution, artificial grass can be laid on any surface and however small an area can create your own lush green garden. Increase the value of your penthouse apartment with a lawned roof terrace, create the perfect spot to relax on a 12th floor balcony or turn a dingy backyard into a lovely oasis. However small your outdoor space, you can transform it into a gorgeous garden with artificial grass


Artificial grass has come a long way since Astro Turf was invented in the 1960s, when it was mainly used for sports and more people than ever are choosing this durable low maintenance alternative to the real thing, we hope we have given you some more unusual ways to use fake grass in and around the home and if you can think of any more we'd love to hear about them.