How to Maintain Your Garden Like a Pro

Garden in backyard

Garden maintenance becomes easy when you have the right information. Experts from Professional Gardening UK are here to provide useful information based on their huge experience in the field in order to help every gardening enthusiast.

Keeping the garden in a good condition brings life to your home and outdoor space, and adds value to your family time together. Keep on reading for our ultimate tips on how to maintain your garden like a pro.

Expert London Gardeners Provide Invaluable Advice for Every Novice Gardener

Gardening is a popular hobby and many people want to know how to have a nice place for relaxation and family time. Although everyone wants that, not everybody knows how to do it from scratch. That is why expert advice is essential - it saves time and money.

When you get back home from a tiring day, you do not need to go out and spend money to have a glass of wine, neither you need to take the children out every day. When your garden is green, nurtured, and safe, you can fully enjoy any outdoor activity in the comfort of home.

The good news is that now you can achieve this by yourself with some priceless garden maintenance advice and a little help from professionals.

Explore Your Garden and Get To Know It First

The first thing to start with is knowing your garden. That means knowing its physical characteristics such as the area and the climate of the place, temperature and humidity, soil type, type of plants that can grow in these conditions.

We would advise you to only buy plants and seeds that would thrive in your local area. Additionally, you can always enrich the soil by adding fertilizers and further prepare the ground for planting. If there are rocks or smaller stones laying around - remove them so the plants grow freely and the roots are nurtured enough.

Seasonal changes are a very important condition that will define the period of planting in order to avoid plant damage by freezing, drought, and dampness. If you want to try out pro garden maintenance methods and get deeper into gardening, you can test the soil and learn about toxins, soil carbon, or nutrient levels.

When the time for planting comes, we advise you to make a sketch of how you want your garden to look: where the sitting area would be situated, the height of plants, and the seasons they blossom. This guarantees you a colorful and harmonious garden that would be beautiful throughout the year.

Don’t Forget About the Watering

Regular and appropriate watering is no doubt essential for professional gardening maintenance. Be sure that you know the type of plants in your garden so you can water them properly. If there are types of plants that need very little water, do not plant them near those that need watering often.

In summer your garden will need more water as the plants lose moisture not only through their leaves but also the water evaporates from the soil easily. Have in mind that certain plants have smaller root systems and need more water.

Shadow in the garden is also a condition you should be aware of. When under shadow plants do not need much water and if you are not careful about that the roots can easily start decaying.

In summer or hot weather, the best time to water your crops is in the evening as the plants will have time to absorb it and will be fresh and beautiful the next day. On the contrary, when weather is colder, a proper garden maintenance procedure would require a morning watering routine.

Get Rid of the Weeds and Use Pesticides Regularly

Pulling weeds in garden

Professional gardening maintenance is not that professional if it does not include soil care. That includes pest control, taking care of weeds, adding compost, fertilizer, mulch, and providing essential nutrients for your greens.

Weeds are certainly a huge enemy of the gardener. Here is some advice about how to prevent weeds from sprouting:

  • Do not leave much space between plants;
  • Weed out your lawn and garden regularly;
  • Always remove the roots of the weeds to prevent them from growing back.

Another wonderful solution for garden maintenance is adding mulch. It is beneficial for several reasons: first, it keeps the soil cool and moist; second: it deprives the light and weeds have no conditions to develop.

Pesticides, compost, and/or fertilizer are also a must. They help you fight weeds, diseases, and invasive pests. There are many effective and sustainable natural pesticides you can use to enjoy healthy plants and a blossoming garden. When buying pesticides consult with professionals and read carefully the label to apply them correctly.

Following this simple and useful advice will help you maintain your garden and utterly enjoy your time in it.