Space-Saving Solutions for Smaller Gardens

vertical garden

If you've just moved into a new home and are struggling to utilise the space in your garden, you're not alone. For those living in the urban jungle, high-rise blocks don't leave much room for outdoor enjoyment, unless you are fortunate enough to have a rooftop garden, communal areas, or a balcony - outdoor areas are limited. You may feel discouraged with your gardening options dwindling if you've moved from a countryside area to an apartment block. However, don't be disheartened, there are still plenty of ways to love your small garden and make the most of your space. With a little creativity and know-how, you can turn your cosy area into a floral paradise. Here's some top tips on space-saving ideas for smaller gardens:

Vertical Tower Garden

So-called 'vertical' gardening has become increasingly popular over the last few years. It is essentially based around the idea of building upwards, instead of outwards. Offering you maximum planting opportunities with limited space. Designing your own vertical tower is easy, with no set materials on what you can use - you can get creative! Why not try some wooden boxes or plant pots attached to your fence? Simply pot your favourite plants and flowers and hang them from the fence. Alternatively, there are tall clay plant pots you'll find in your local gardening centre that have separate sections for your plants.

Window Boxes

If you dream of a herb garden but don't have the room, window boxes are perfect for perching snugly on your balcony. Not only are they an excellent way to grow fresh produce on your doorstep, but they also save space compared to a typical herb garden. A variety of flowers and fruits lend themselves well to these types of growing conditions, such as: strawberries, chillies, cherry tomatoes and petunias. You can buy window boxed from your local gardening centre, alternatively, why not get crafty and re-work an old draw or container.

Clever Use Of Furniture

Having big, lavish garden sofas is a luxury many people with smaller gardens can't afford. Sometimes it's better to stay simple. A bistro set is an effective way of achieving a standard of outdoor living furniture without being overbearing. All-weather dining sets are particularly good if you're limited on room inside the home too, as they can be kept outdoors all-year round, so no need for extra storage.

Living Wall

The idea of a living wall is to build a striking masterpiece that will become the talking point of your garden, whilst saving space at the same time. You can plant a range of beautiful flowers on your green wall including herbaceous perennials, grasses and herbs. The most creative and extravagant walls feature well thought-out arrangements, planted in rows.

Plant Pot Garden

potting plants

Plant pot gardens are ideal for those with tiny balconies who still want to be able to maintain some kind of garden. Essentially, this is achieved by buying a range of plant pots, varying in sizes, and dotting them around your outdoor space. Not only will it bring your area to life, but it will also encourage you to spend more time outside as you nurture your plants.

plants and flowers on balcony

Elevated Gardens

Similar to a vertical tower garden, the solution here is to build upwards. With elevated flower beds you can have multiple layers of beautiful flowers, all in one space. Simply plant your favourite flowers in a wooden box, and add "stilts", you can then keep adding more boxes until you've created an elevated garden featuring a wider range of flowers than you ever thought was possible.

Trick The Eye

Whilst this may not save on any space, it can certainly help with giving the illusion of a bigger garden. Investing in a large mirror can work wonders for even the smallest of gardens. You may have noticed that many contemporary gardens feature a 'rustic' mirror, not only to add character - but to trick the eye into thinking the space it bigger! Hang your mirror on a wall or fence where you think it will maximise the appearance of your garden. Be sure to plant plenty of greenery around it to maintain a level of privacy, and make it blend in well with the garden.

What Will You Try?

Don't be disappointed if you find your perfect house that doesn't come with the garden space you were hoping for. You can still make it work for you. There are an abundance of ways to get the most out of even the cosiest of outdoor areas. The most important part is getting creative, you don't need a big budget to make something truly special.